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Most of which are excellently well Engraved,

And Printed on good Paper,

Each beautifully Ornamented and Embellished,
according to the Subject.

S C R I P T U R E   and  Other  G O D L Y  S T OR I E S

  REAT and Awful Tribunal, curiously described, and most lively representing the whole History thereof.

2. David and Bathsheba.

3. Ditto in another Manner.

4. Salutation of the Virgin Mary.

5. Ditto in another Manner.

6. Visitation of the Blessed Virgin.



16 C O P P E E [sic]  R O Y A L S  

7. The Four Evangelists in one Sheet, with proper Decorations, and admirably well designed.

The Four Evangelists in four Sheets; viz.

8. St. Matthew.

9. St. Mark.

10. St. Luke.

11. St. John.

12. The Creation of the World.

13. The Angel Raphael discoursing with Adam in Paradise, and relating the History of his Creation. A curious Description from Milton.

14. The Holy Family, handsomely described.

15. The Flight into Egypt.

16. Christ questioning the Doctors, elegantly designed and well engraved.

17. __________ His Disciples in the Corn Field.

18. __________ Praying on the Mount.

19. Divine and Moral Emblems, curiously done in [?] excellent Parts.

20. Christ crowned with Thorns and scourged, more beautifully done.

21. Ditto in another Form, well engraved.

22. Christ’s Crucifixion, with Texts of Scripture thereto.

23. Ditto in another Manner.

24. Ditto, between the two Thieves.

25. Ditto, taking down from the Cross.

26. Ditto, Resurrection from the Grave.

    27. Ditto


  C O P P E R   R O Y A L S 17

27. Christ declared to the Women.

28. Ditto, Ascension into Heaven.

29. A Draught of Solomon’s Temple, with a Description thereof.

30. Ditto in another Manner.

31. Susanna and the Two Elders.

32. Ditto in another Manner.

33. St. Peter denying Christ.

34. The Lord’s Prayer, finely ornamented in an emblematical and hieroglyphical Manner, in nine curious Descriptions.

35. Divine Emblems of the eternal Joy and Misery God has prepared for all Men when they come to die.

36. The Conversion of St. Paul.

37. St. John the Baptist’s Head in a Charger.

The Seven Cartoons after the Painting of Raphael Urban, viz.

38. The Death of Ananias.

39. Elymas the Sorcerer struck with Blindness.

40. The Lame Man healed by Peter and John.

41. The Miraculous Draught of Fishes.

42. Paul and Barnabas at Lystra.

43. St. Paul Preaching at Athens.

44. Christ’s Charge to Peter.

45. The Seven Cartoons in one Sheet.

46. Jacob wrestling with an Angel.

47. Jacob’s meeting with Rachael.

48. Solomon and the Two Harlots.

  C 49. Solomon


18 C O P P E R   R O Y A L S  

49. Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

50. Joseph sold by his Brethren to the Ishmaelites.

51. King Charles’s Rules.

52. Moses found and taken out of the Bulrushes by King Pharaoh’s Daughter.

53. The Bloody Sentence of the Jews.

54. Jeptha’s Rash Vow, or the Royal Sacrifice.

55. Ditto in another Manner.

56. Lord Chief Justice Hale’s New-year’s Gift.

57. The ten Wise and Foolish Virgins.

58. The Monument of Edward Colston,, Esq; at Bristol.

59. The Prodigal Son taking Leave of his Father.

60. Ditto, spending his Substance with Harlots.

61. Ditto, feeding Swine.

62. Ditto, returning to his Father.

63. Abraham entertaining the Angels.

64. ____________ offering up his Son Isaac.

65. Elijah fed by Ravens.

66. The Prophet Nathan reproves King David.

67. The Ten Commandments, with Moses and Aaron.

68. Serpent’s Temptation.

69. The Blue-Coat Hospital at Bristol, founded by Thomas Colston, Esq;

70. The Wife Men making their Offerings to Christ, and worshipping him.

71. Dives and Lazarus.

72. The Christian’s Coat of Arms.

    73. Balaam


  C O P P E R   R O Y A L S 19

73. Balaam reproved by his Ass.

74. The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

75. The Head of our Blessed Saviour.

The Heads of the Twelve Apostles, viz.

76. St. Peter.

77. St. Andrew.

78. St. James Major.

79. St. John.

80. St. Philip, [sic]

81. St. Bartholomew.

82. St. Matthew.

83. St. Thomas.

84. St. James Minor.

85. St. Judas Thadæus.

86. St. Simon.

87. St. Matthias.

M I X E D   F A N C I E S

88. The Guardian and young Lovers Contest.

89. The Lawyer’s Coat of Arms; with a Description of a Plaintiff and Defendant, after a seven Years Law-suit.

90. Royal Pastime, or the Game of the Snake.

91. Diverting Pastime, or the Game of the Goose.

  C  2 92. The


20 C O P P E R   R O Y A L S  

92. The Humours of Bartholomew Fair.

93. The diversions of Southwark Fair.

94. Lilliputian Banquet and Concert.

95. ________ Ball and Masquerade.

96. ________ Dancers.

97. ________ Family of the Dapperwits.

98. King Charles and Queen Anne.

99. Fools Paradise, a good Warning-Piece against the Folly of Hasty Marriages.

100. The Fire of Love.

101. Innocent Enchantress, or the Power of Beauty.

102. The Force and Power of Nature.

103. The Coquet Lover.

104. The Sincere Lover.

105. The Kiss accepted and returned.

106. The Royal Family of England.

107. Ditto of the Princess of Wales

108. A Prospect of the Palace of Herenhausen, near Hanover.

109. The Manual Exercise of a Foot Soldier.

110. The surprising Escape of Daniel Malden out of Newgate, and a true Description how it was performed two several Times.

111. A new and exact Plan of the Harbour, Town, and Forts of Carthagena in the West Indies, taken from a Spanish Draught of Sig. Danville, Geographer to the King of Spain. With a new Prospect of the Town from the Sea.

112. Queen Caroline on Horseback.

    113. The


  C O P P E R   R O Y A L S 21

113. The Harlot’s Progress: or, The Deceits, Life, and Death of a lewd Woman.

114. Effigies of the Kings and Queens of England, from William the Conqueror to the present Time.

115. The Muses Delight.

116. The various Ages and Degrees of human Life, represented in twelve different Stages from the Birth to the Grave; with Instructions and Observations on each Stage.

117[.] The Prodigal Son sifted: or, The Follies of Youth display’d; a proper Warning to all young and unwary Persons.

118[.] The noble Sport of Fox-Hunting.

119. Miseries of a Gaol.

120. The Power of Musick.

121[.] King Charles on Horseback, from the Original Painting in Kensington Palace.

122. The Countryman’s Daily Looking Glass: Or, A lively Description of the Twelve Months of the Year, With many worthy Observations and Directions for every Month.

123. The Jilt’s Policy: Or, The Wickedness of a lewd Woman manifested.

124. The Prevarications and Corruptions of the several Callings of Men, emblematically set forth.

125. Lucifer’s New Row-Barge: Or, The Passage of avaritious minded Men.

126. The Women fighting for the Breeches: A comical Scene, explained and versified.

127. The Tripple Plea: Or, The Lawyer, Physician, and the Divine, Striving for Superiority, worthy utmost Observation,



22 C O P P E R   R O Y A L S  

128. The World turn’d upside down: Or, The Folly of Man, explained in Nine pleasing Emblems.

129. The Good and Bad Housewife.

130. The Plan of the Town and Harbour of Dunkirk in France.

131. The Wives exchanged: A diverting and humourous Print.

132. The Seven Planets, with their proper Descriptions, from the Design and Painting of Raphael Urban.

133. The Covetous Wife, or Sharping Gallant, merrily described.

134. The Oratory Christening: describing the Mirth of that Day, in the affectionate Mother, kind Husband, learned Parson, gay Gossips, and facitious Midwife.

135. Fire-works.

136. The London Merchant: Or, The History of George Barnwell! describing, in eight several Parts, the Decoys, Deceits, and Insinuations of vile Women.

137. The Stilton Hero: Or, Cooper Thornhill’s surprising Performance.

138. The Signs of Taverns.

139. A sincere Lover, with Sheep.

140. The Game of Puss in the Corner and Drop Handkerchief.

141. The Haberdasher's Hospital at Hoxton.

142. Venus in the Water.

143. Infancy and Youth.

    144. Manhood,


  C O P P E R   R O Y A L S 23

144. Manhood and Old Age.

The Same in Four Sheets, viz.

145. Infancy.

146. Youth.

147. Manhood.

148. Old Age.

149. Henry the VIIIth and Anna Bullen.

150. The Bacchanalian Club.

151. Old Women ground Young.

152. Old Men and Women ground Young.

153. The Landlord well paid by the handsome Tennant.

154. The intriguing Wife and Sharping Gallant.

155. The Royal Sportsman.

156. Hercules restoring Queen Alceste to Life, who died to save the King her Husband.

157. Edward Bright, the fat Man.

The Four Parts of the Day, described by Ladies at half Length, in four Sheets, viz

158. Morning.

159. Noon.

160. Afternoon.

161. Night.

Ditto in another Manner, in Four Sheets, viz.

162. Morning, drinking Tea.

163. Noon gathering Flowers.

164. Afternoon, playing at Backgammon.

165. Night, Ladies washing their Feet in a River.

    166. The


24 C O P P E R   R O Y A L S  

The Five Senses described, in five Sheets, viz.

166. Feeling.

167. Seeing.

168. Hearing.

169. Tasting.

170. Smelling.

The Seasons of the Year, in Four Sheets, represented by Ladies at half Length.

171. Spring.

172. Summer.

173. Autumn.

174. Winter.

Ditto, described by rural Prints, viz.

175. Spring.

176. Summer.

177. Autumn.

178. Winter.

Four Hunting Pieces, viz.

179. Going out in the Morning.

180. The Chace.

181. The Hounds at Fault.

182. The Death of the Hare.

183. The Four Elements, in one Sheet.

Ditto, in four Sheets, delineated by the Heathen Gods and Goddesses.

184. Earth.

185. Air.

186. Fire

187. Water.



  C O P P E R   R O Y A L S 25

Ditto, by rural Prints, in neat Borders, viz.

188. Earth, gathering Flowers.

189. Air, taking a Birds Nest.

190. Fire, a House burning.

191. Water, Fishing.

The Twelve Months, delineated by Ladies at half Length, in six Sheets, viz.

192. January and February.

193. March and April.

194. May and June.

195. July and August.

196. September and October.

197. November and December.

198. Ditto in one Sheet.

The Four Quarters of the World, viz.

199. Europe.

200. Asia.

201. Africa.

202. America.

Six Sheets of Flower Pots, two in a Sheet, shewing all the Flowers in each Month, viz.

203. January and February.

204. March and April.

205. May and June.

206. July and August.

207. September and October.

208. November and December.

  D A


26 C O P P E R   R O Y A L S  

A Sett of Prints from the Paintings in the Royal Gallery at Kensington, viz

209. Esther fainting, and King Abasucrus comforting her.

210. The Shepherds offering Gifts to Christ.

211. The Muses in Concert.

212. Midas, preferring Pan to Apollo, is punished with Asses Ears.

213. Jupiter at his Birth is privily conveyed from Saturnus.

214. The wise Men make their Offering to Christ, and worship him.

The Four Loves of Albanus, represented as follows, viz.

215. Venussitting in a Chair in a Garden near a Fountain.

216. Venus lying on a Pallat in a Grove.

217. Venus asleep in a Shade.

218. Cupid asleep.

Stag-Hunting, in four Sheets, viz.

219. Unharbouring the Stag, and uncoupling the Dogs.

220. The Stag taking Soil.

221. The Stag at Bay.

222. The Death and take Say of the Stag.

The Roman Empresses, on twelve Sheets, viz.

223. Calphurnio, Wife to Julius Cæsar.

224. Livia Drusilla, Wife to Augustus.

225. Cesonia, Wife to Cæsar Caligula.

    226 Ag-


  C O P P E R   R O Y A L S 27

226. Agrippina, Wife to Tiberius Cæsar.

227. Ælia Petina, Wife to Claudius Cæsar.

228. Statilia Messalina, Wife to cruel Nero.

229. Lepida, Wife to Sergius Galba.

230. Pompeia, Wife to Otho.

231. Petronia, Wife to Vitellius.

232. Flavia Domicilia, Wife to Vespasian.

233. Martia Fulvia,Wife to Titus Vespasian.

234. Domitia Longina, Wife to Domtlianus.

The Seven Wonders of the World, on seven Sheets, viz.

235. The Temple of Diana, the first Wonder.

236. Olympus, the second Wonder.

237. Colossus of the Sun, the third Wonder.

238. The Tower of Pharos, the fourth Wonder.

239. The Tomb of Mausoleus, the fifth Wonder.

240. The Pyramids of Egypt, the sixth Wonder.

241. The Walls of Babylon, the seventh Wonder.

242. Rochester Cathedral.

243. Norwich Cathedral.

244. Gloucester Cathedral.

245. Peterborough Cathedral.

246, St. Nicholas’s Church at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

247. The Royal Chapel of St. George in Windsor-Castle.

248. The famous Church of St. Alban.

249. All the Cathedrals in England and Wales.

250. Camillus, a fine Running Horse.

  D 2 251 Lilliput


28 C O P P E R   R O Y A L S  

251. Liliput, an Horse.

252. Charles Fleetwood, Esq., mounted for the Chase.

253. A Stable of fine Running Horses.

254. Six fine Running Horses.

255. Nine fine Running Horses.

256.His Majesty’s fine Arabian Horse.

257. The King of Prussia on Horseback.

258. Prince Ferdinand on Horseback.

259. A great Storm.

260. The Invincible Armada.

261. Engagement of the Confederate Fleet with that of France off Malaga.

262. The Siege of Gibraltar.

263. The Taking of Barcelona.

264. A Three Days Fight in the East Indies.

265. The Bombarding of Thoulon.

266. The Loss of Sir Cloudsley Shovel.

267. The Taking of the Spanish Galleons.

268. The Taking of Porto Bello.

269. The Taking of Carthagena.

270. Sir Edward Hawke’s Sea-fight off Bellisle.

271. A Sea-fight between Admiral Boscawen and la Clue.

272. The Siege and Taking of Quebec.

273. The Reduction of Cape Breton.

274. The Royal Sovereign.

275. The Royal Anne.

    276. The


  C O P P E R   R O Y A L S 29

276. The Elizabeth.

277. The Britannia.

278.The Royal George.

279. The Neptune and the Duke.

280. Six Ships.

281. The Herring Fishery.

282. The Sailor’s Farewel and Return.

283. The Diversions of a Country Fair.

284. Battledore and Shuttlecock.

285. Blind Man’s Buff.

286. Sliding on the Ice.

287. Leap-Frog.

288. See-Saw.

289. The Game at Cricket.

290. King James the Second.

291. King William the Third.

292. Queen Mary.

293. Queen Anne.

294. Ditto in another Manner.

295. Ditto, at full length.

296. Prince George of Denmark.

297. Ditto in another Manner.

298. King George the First.

299. King George the Second.

300. Queen Caroline.

301. A Flower Pot for a Chimney-Piece.

302. The Prince and Princess of Wales.

    303. The


30 C O P P E R   R O Y A L S  

303. The Duke of Cumberland.

304. The Royal Family of the Stuarts.

Twelve Heads of the Kings and Queens of England, beautifully engraved, and printed in neat Borders.

305. Queen Elizabeth.

306. King James the First.

307. King James the Second.

308. King Charles the First.

309. King Charles the Second.

310. King William the Third.

311. Queen Mary.

312. Queen Anne.

313. George Prince of Denmark.

314. King George the First.

315. King George the Second.

316. Queen Caroline.

317. The Fat and Lean Kitchen.

318. The Dutchess of Hamilton and Countess of Coventry.

319. Mary Dutchess of Ormond.

320. The Princess of Wales.

321. Venus and Cupid.

322. An Aviary of Birds.

323. Westminster Bridge.

324. Greenwich Hospital.

325. New Bedlam in Moorfields.

    326 The


  C O P P E R   R O Y A L S 31

326. The Queen’s House in St James’s Park.

327. Slack and Broughton.

328. Dover Castle.

329. A Concert of Musick.

330. Cupid is the Pilot.

Three Sheets of Chinese Views, very neatly engraved.

331. A Summer-house of a Mandarine, with the Viceroy’s Country Seat.

332. The Town of Joesiwoe, with the navigable river of Songwonhab, between prodigious Rocks.

333. A Chinese Triumphal Arch, with a Summer Palace near Kiang.

334. Sir Edward Hawke.

335. Major-General James Wolfe.

336. General Amherst and Admiral Boscawen.

337. George Townshend and Charles Saunders, Esqrs.

338. William Pitt and Henry Bilson Legge, Esqrs.

339. Prince Ferdinand and the Marquis of Granby.

340. The Battle of Zorndorff.

341. The Battle of Thornhausen.

342. The Battle of Kempen.

343. The execution of Lawrence Shirley, Earl Ferrers.

344. A View of the Coronation Procession.

345. Ditto, with St. Edward’s Chair, Sceptres, Crowns, &c.

346. King of Prussia at full Length.

    347 King


32 C O P P E R   R O Y A L S  

347. King George the Third and Queen Charlotte with the Ceremony of the Royal Marriage.

348. King George the Third, near as big as Life: Profile.

349. Queen Charlotte ditto.

350. King George and Queen Charlotte on one Sheet, ditto.

351. Darby and Joan.

352. The poor Man loaded with Mischief.

353. Admiral Boscawen, and the Taking of Louisbourg.

354. A View of Whitehall.

355. The sincere and fair Quakers.

356. Bishop Burnet and John Wesley.

357. A View of Badmington, the Seat of the Duke of Beaufort.

358. Queen Anne’s Speech, with a curious Hair-Piece.

359. The Court of Death.

360. The facitious [sic] Thomas Ecblin.

361. Frederic, Duke of Schamberg, &c.

362. King Charles I on Horseback at a Tilting Match.

363. The Bubblers Medley: Or, A Sketch of the Times.

364. Another New Medley.

365. Portsmouth Organ.

366. Another curious Organ.

367. The Taking of the Havannah.

    368. EDWARD


  C O P P E R   R O Y A L S 33

368. EDWARD, Duke of York, &c.

369. St. Mary’s Church in the Strand.

370. Westminster Abbey.

371. King Charles the First.

372. Abraham going to offer up his Son Isaac.

373. The Commons of Kent meeting King William the Conqueror.

374. Thomas Brown, the Valiant Dragoon.

375. Miss Jenny Cameron.

376. The South Prospect of Gawthorpe, near Leeds, in the County of York.

577[sic]. Hooton Roberts, in Yorkshire, the Seat of Lord Malton.

378. A Prospect of Malton, in Yorkshire.

379. Totteridge Park, the Seat of Lord Bateman.

380. The Battle of Dettingen.

381. The Duke of Cumberland on Horseback.

382. The presentation of Jesus Christ in the Temple.

383. Mary Magdalen washing Jesus’s Feet.

384. Bristol High Cross.

385. Venus and Adonis.

386. The Amorous Captain.

387. O Rare Crispin!

388. The Prude and Town Coquet, on one Sheet.

389. The last Speech of King William to his Parliament.

390. Poems on the Death of Queen Anne.

391. Views of the Hot Baths.

  E 389.[sic] The


34 C O P P E R   R O Y A L S  

392. The Duke of Cumberland in an Oval.

393. The Battle of Death and Time.

394. The surprising Performance of the late Mr Maddox, on the Slack Wire, at Sadlers Wells, London.

395. The King’s new State Coach.

396. Her Majesty Queen Charlotte, seated under a Canopy in the Nursery, with the Prince of Wales, and Prince Frederick, Bishop of Osnaburg.

397. King George III, full Face, from Frye.

398. Queen Charlotte, dito. [sic]

399. King George III, full Face, small.

400. Queen Charlotte, ditto.

401. Charles, Hereditary Prince of Brunswick.

402. Augusta ditto, his Royal Consort.

403. Prince and Princess of Brunswick, in one Sheet

Domestick Employments, in three Sheets, viz.

404. Winding of Cotton, and Washing.

405. Reading, and Knitting.

406. Playing on the Guitar, and Needlework.


All the foregoing ROYALS may be had very neat colour’d in
         Water Colours,at 4s. per Quire
          Varnished, at Ditto
         Spangled, at 6s.



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