M A P S on Two Sheets of Elephant Paper.


A Curious Map of the World; being the best and neatest ever finished in Europe; on which is rendered familiar to the meanest Capacity, all the Constellations of the Cælestial Globe, and Schemes of the most celebrated Philosophers: Approved of, and Published at the Request of several of the Royal Society of London, and Royal Academy of Paris. For the Use not only of the Learned, by saving the Trouble of turning over their Volumes, but likewise for the Help and Satisfaction of such curious Gentlemen, Ladies, Tradesmen, School-Masters, or Farmers, that are desirous to inform themselves or Families with the most wonderful Works of their Creator: For in Words at length you have,

The Sun’s Diameter, Distance, Magnitude, Heat, and Revolution.

  A2 The


 4 Two-Sheet M A P S  

The Moon’s Revolution, Synodical Month, Distance from the Earth, Diameter, Magnitude and Reason of its Eclipse.

Venus, its Diameter, Distance from the Sun, Revolution, Light, and Heat.

Mercury, its Diameter, Distance from the Sun, and Time of its Revolution, with an Account of its Light, and Heat.

The Earth, its Revolution round the Sun, its Diameter, and the Time of its Diurnal Rotation round its own Axis.

Mars, the Time it makes its Revolutions round the Sun, its Diameter and Distance from it, its Light and Heat.

Jupiter, With its Four Moons or Satellites, its Revolution about the Sun, its middle Distance from it, its Light and Heat.

Saturn, with its Five Moons and Ring; its Diameter, the time of its Revolution round the Sun, its Distance, Light, and Heat.

The Fixed Stars, their Distance from the Sun, and their Annual Parrallax: Comets, their Number and Nature, Meridians, their Use and Number. The Zodiac, with an Account with an Account of the Clime, Climates, Zone and Zones, the Ecliptic, and how it shews the places and Limits of the Eclipses, both Solar and Lunar: Degrees what they are; the Year Solar, Year Lunar, Geography and Astronomy, with an Account of the Poles, Tropicks, Antipodes, the Antartic and Artic Circles: With a Description of the Horizon, Zenith, and Nadir, Longitude, Latitude, Parallels, and Colures, with Observations on the Aphelion and Perihelion:The Whole being beautify’d with the Systems of Ptolomy, Tychoe-Brahe, and Copernicus. To which is added, A curious Solar System, a System of the Different



  Two-Sheet M A P S. 5


Computations, a System of the Planets, Hours of the Planets, and the Moon’s System.

2. E U R O P E. A Map laid down according to the latest and best Observations.

3. A S I A. Ditto.

4. A F R I C A. Ditto.                                      And

5. A M E R I C A. Ditto.

6. A New and Correct Map of ENGAND and WALES, laid down from the latest and best Observations; containing all the Cities, County and Market Towns, with the Road and Distances in Computed Miles between Town and Town, with the Market-Days, &c. Whereunto is annexed,

The Traveller’s Guide; or Ogilby’s Roads Epitomiz’d. Being a Sett of Tables describing all the Direct and principal Cross Roads of ENGLAND and WALES, the progressive Distance between every Town on the Road being express’d in measur’d and computed Miles, and the Sum total of the Whole of each Road inserted at the Head of every Road; which, together with several other useful Improvements, are not to be found in any Map of the Kind extant.

7. A Map of ENGLAND and WALES laid down as above; whereunto are added the Arms of all the Incorporated Cities and County Towns; as also of several of the principal Boroughs in ENGLAND and WALES; together with an Alphabetical Table of all the Market Towns therein contained, shewing their Market-Days and Distances from London in measured and computed Miles, &c. Also an Account of the fixed and moveable Fairs held in Places of most Note throughout South-Britain.

    8. Se-


 6 M A P S.  

8. Several other Maps of ENGLAND, adorned with perspective Views of the Royal Palace, Hospitals, and other publick Buildings.

9. A Plan of LONDON, SOUTHWARK, and WESTMINSTER, with the New Bridge, &c. to the present Year.

  M A P S. Each on a Sheet of Elephant Paper,

1. A Curious Map of the WORLD.

2. A Map of ENGLAND and WALES, with the Direct and Cross Roads; with the Distances between Town and Town, and the Market-Days.

3. Ogilby’s Roads: Or, A Set of Tables, of all the principal Direct and Cross Road of ENGLAND and WALES, with their Distances in measured and computed Miles.

4. A Sett of Tables, shewing Alphabettically at one View, a List of all the Incorporated Cities, Towns and Boroughs in ENGLAND and WALES; with their Counties, Situation, and Distances in measured and computed Miles from London, their Market-Days and Fairs, whether fixed or moveable; also the Number of Members each Place sends to Parliament; and Rivers whether Navigable, and for what Kind of Vessels; with the Arms of all the Incorporated Cities and other Towns and Boroughs.

5. A Map of E U R O P E.

6. Ditto of A S I A.

7. Ditto of A F R I C A.

8. Ditto of A M E R I C A.

    P R I N T S ,


  P R I N T S. 7
  P R I N T S, on one Sheet of Elephant Paper.

1. A Prospect of Sheerness.

2. A Prospect of Plymouth, with the Harbour, Dock, &c.

3. Nil Placit: or, the Frailty of Human Nature.

4. The Section of a first Rate Ship on the Stocks, wherein is seen the several Decks, Cabins, State-Rooms, &c, with a third Rate Ship at Anchor, rigg’d.

5. Perspective Views of the several capital Cities in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

6. Edystone Light-House.

7. The Monument.

8. The Ten Commandments, with a fine Head of Moses.

9. Inside and Outside of St. Bride’s Steeple in Fleet Street.

Large PRINTS, each on Two Sheets of Elephant          

Representation of the Creation of the WORLD, with the general DELUGE; beautifully describ’d, in Eight several Parts, viz. 1. The Creation of the World. 2. Creation of Man, and Formation of Woman. 3. The Fall of Adam, by eating of the Tree



 8 P R I N T S.  

of Life. 4. The Punishment of Adam and Eve, in being driven out of the Garden of Paradise. 5. The Murder of Abel by his Brother Cain. 6. The Building of the Ark by Noah. 7. The General Deluge, and Entry into the Ark. 8. The Return out of the Ark, and the setting up of the Rainbow.

2. A Representation of the Miracle of our Saviour Jesus Christ, in Eight Parts, as follows. 1. The Marriage in Cana. 2. He appeaseth the Tempest. 3. The Possess’d Man healed. 4. The Miracle of Loaves and Fishes. 5. The Widow’s Son of Naim restor’d to Life. 6. St. Peter’s Faith failing him on the Water. 7. The Ten Lepers Cleansed. 8. Curing the Man born Blind.

3. David pacified by Abigail for Nabal’s Churlishness; as in the 1st Book of Samuel, chap. xxv. Being a Print very beautifully design’d and engrav’d; representing the Coming of David and all his Hosts, to correct the Affront received from Nabal’s Churlishness; when he is met by Abigail and her Servants, loaded with Refreshments; who by her submissive and graceful Carriage, and with the charming Accents of her Tongue, disarms the Hero of his just Indignation against her Husband Nabal; when he, with a Smile, receives the grateful Present of Abigail, and forgives the Churlishness of Nabal.

4. The Acts and Life of Sampson, in Twelve several Parts; with an Historical Account of each, viz. 1. His Birth. 2. Slaying the young Lyon in the Vineyard of Timnab. 3. Killing 1000 Philistians with the Jaw-bone of an Ass. 4. Letting loose Amongst the standing Corn of the Philistians 300 Foxes with lighted Firebrands at their Tails. 5. Quenching his Thirst with the Jaw-bone of an Ass. 6. Bearing away



  P R I N T S. 9

the Gates of Gaza. 7. Breaking the Cords. 8. Makes known his Strength to his Mistress Delilah, who betrays him to the Philistians. 9. His Strength gone from him. 10. Bound by the Philistians in Fetters of Brass. 11. Pulls down the Temple of Dagon. 12. His Burial.

5. The Apotheosis of Henry the IVth, King of France, finely Engraved, from the Original Painting of Sir Peter Paul Rubens, and preserved in the Gallery of Lewis the XIVth; and is esteemed as fine a Piece of Painting as any in the World. This Print represents the King, whom Time and Jupiter waft up to the Gods, who are assembled to receive him: The Allegory thereof shews, That the good Actions done on Earth, go not un-rewarded above: Underneath are Victory and Fame, regretting the Loss of so great an Hero, who, whilst upon Earth was the Delight of Mankind. On the Right-Hand sits Mary de Medicis, the new-chosen Queen, in Mourning Robes, placed on a Throne, with Minerva on one Side, and Prudence on the other. In the Air is the Regency, putting into the Hand the Helm, under is France kneeling, and presenting the Globe and Scepter, below which are the Nobles and Lords of France, doing Homage on their Knees.

6. The Bachanalian Club: Or, Modern Midnight Conversation, from the Designs of Mr. Hogarth.

7. Two Horses, belonging to Charles Fleetwood, Esq.

8. A View of Blenheim House in Oxfordshire, the Seat of the Duke of Marlborough.

9. A new and exact Prospect of the North Side of the City of London, taken from the Upper Pond near Islington.

  B 10.A


 10 P R I N T S.  

10. A new and Exact Prospect of the Town of Shrewsbury, taken in the Year 1763.

11. The Seven famous Cartoons of Raphael Urban, Drawn by the Command of Pope Leo the Xth.

12. The Twelve Patriarchs: Or, The Sons of Jacob.

13. The Castle and Gardens of Versailles.

14. Country Diversions.

15. The Vintage.

16. The Dutch Wedding.

17. Hay-Making.

18. The Battle of Death and Time.

19. The Dutch Dancing and Drinking.

20. A Sea Fight.

21. The Kings and Queens of ENGLAND, from William the Conqueror to the present Time.

22. A Plan of the City of Jerusalem.

23. The Inside View of Solomon’s Temple, with the Manner of offering the Sacrifices.

24. The North-West Prospect of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul’s.

25. Queen Caroline’s Monument.

26. The Fore and Back Fronts of Blenheim House.

27. A Prospect of the City of Bristol.

28. Four Prospects of the beautiful Town of Shrewsbury.

29. The Royal Family of Great Britain.

30. The King of Prussia on Horseback.

31. The Triumphs of Fortune.

    32. Southwark


  P R I N T S. 11

32. Southwark Fair.

33. A Representation of Newmarket Horse-Races

34. Fox-Hunting.

35. The Battle of Constantine the Great against the Tyrant Maxentius.

36. The four Royal Palaces of ENGLAND, viz. Hampton Court, Windsor Castle, Kensington, and St. James’s.

  PRINTS, on Three Sheets of Elephant Paper.

1. The North-West Prospect of the Cities of London and Westminster.

2. Alexander’s Battles on the Granicus.

5. [sic] The Land of Promise.

C O P Y - B O O K S, &c

1. A Slip Copy-Book, being a Sett of Copies Engraved by George Bickham.

2. The Penman’s Instructor: Or, A compleat Copy-Book of all the Hands now in Use: To which are added, Correct Copies of the Greek and Hebrew Alphabets. Engrav’d by George Bickham, sen.

3. A New Quarto Copy-Book, with a Copy on the Top of each Leaf to write after. By Gerge [sic] Bickham.

  B 2 4. The


 12 P R I N T S.  

4. The Youth’s Instructor in the Art of Numbers: A new Cyphering-Book: in which is shewn, The greatest Variety of Penmanship and Command of Hand, Engraved for the Use of Schools, by George Bickham.

Note, This Books contains Rules, and Instructions, with proper Examples in Numeration, Addition (with its Tables of Dry, Long, Land, Cloth, Wine, Beer and Ale Measures; Avoirdupoise, Troy, and Apothecaries Weights; with a Table of Time) Substraction. Multiplication, Division, Reduction, Rule of Three Direct, Rule of Three Indirect, Double Rule of Three, Practice, Interest, Fellowship, Fellowship with Time, Tare and Trett, Exchange of France, Italy, Venice Holland, Flanders, Germany, Spain, and Portugal; with Rebate or Discount: All finely Engraved on Copper-Plates in all Hands now in Use; and is esteemed by all School-Masters in London to be the best and compleatest Book of the Kind extant. Price 1s. Sells for 1s. 6d.

5. Three Volumes of Fables, in Verse, and other short Poems; Collected from the most celebrated English Authors: The Whole curiously Engrav’d (with suitable Decorations at the Top of each Fable) for the Practice and Amusement of Young Gentlemen and Ladies in the Art of Writing. By John Bickham. To which is added, a new Introduction to the Art of Drawing. Collected from the most Free and Easy Designs of the best Masters; with Instructions for the same. By George Bickham, jun. Price of each Volume 1s. Sells for 1s. 6d.



  P R I N T S. 13
D R A W I N G - B O O K S

1. A Drawing-Book, from the Designs of Mr. Seb. Le Clerc: Very necessary for all such Persons who study Drawing, Painting, &c.

2. A Drawing-Book of Horses.

3. A Drawing-Book of Out-lines.

4. A Drawing-Book of small Landscapes.

5. A Drawing-Book of Figurs. [sic] Out-lines from the Life.

6. A Drawing-Book of Heads, after Raphael Urban.

7. A Drawing-Book of large Landscapes.

8. A Drawing-Book of Faces, Hands, and Feet.

9. A Drawing-Book of Landscapes Out-lines.

10. A Drawing-Book of Twelve Bustoes at Rome.

11. A Drawing-Book of Landscapes.

12. A Drawing-Book of the four Seasons of the Year.

13. A Drawing-Book of the Out-lines from Life.

14. A Drawing-Book of Battle Pieces.

15. A Drawing-Book by Geo. Bickham, jun.

Three Hundred different Kinds of Copy-Book Covers.


 14 P R I N T S.  

Three Hundred different Sorts of Lotteries, Pictures for Children, as Men, Women, Kings, Queens, Birds, Beasts, Horses, Flowers, Butterflies, &c. Each on Half a Sheet of good Paper.

Four Hundred different Kinds of Prints, Each on a Quarter of a Sheet of Royal Paper; as Scripture Pieces, Views, Horses, Heads, and other merry Designs.

Twenty-four Plates of Landscapes and Sea Pieces neatly Engraved, and very fit for Youth to Paint or Draw after.


Copper Royals ...