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Printed in a neater Manner, and with CUTS more truly adapted to each Story, than elsewhere.


Age of Man.
Amorous Lady's Garland.


Bite upon the Miser : Or, A Trick upon the Parson by a Sailor.
Blink-ey'd Cobler.
Blind Beggar of Bethnal-Green.
Bride's Burial.
Beautiful Shepherdess of Arcadia.
Bailiff's Daughter of Islington.
Baffled Knight.



86 O L D   B A L L A D S  

Broken Contract.
Bristol Bridegroom.
Barbara Allen's Cruelty.
Beggar Wench of Hull.
Berkshire Lady.
Berkshire Tragedy.
Bateman's Tragedy.
Bonny Milk-Maid.
Bloody Gardener.
Batchelor's Resolution.
Bristol Garland.
Butcher's Daughter's Policy.
Bite Upon Bite.


Captain Hind's Progress and Ramble.
Crafty Plowman's Garland.
Captain Ward and the Rainbow.
Cupid's Revenge.
Crafty Kate of Colchester.
Cruel Step-Mother.
Cruel Cooper of Ratcliff-Cross.
Cooper of Norfolk.
Constance and Anthony.
Crafty Farmer of Norfolk.
Country Girl's Policy: Or, The Cockney Out-witted.
Covetous Mother.
Catskin: Or, The Wandering young Gentlewoman



  O L D   B A L L A D S 87

Chichester Merchant.
Cruel Lover: Or, Credulous Maid.
Cupid's Courtesy.
Cruel Knight: Or, Fortunate Farmer's Daughter.
Crafty Lover: Or, The Lawer [sic] Out-witted.
Children in the Wood.
Crafty London Apprentice: Or, Bow Bells.
Countryman's Garland.
Cook-Maid's Garland.
Cambridgeshire Garland.
Cumberland Garland.
Carmarthen Tragedy.
Cornwall Tragedy.
Cambridge Tragedy.
Contented Lovers.
Cries of London.
Crafty Miller: Or, Mistaken Batchelor.
Crafty Sailor.
Crafty Esquire's Garland.
Chester Garland.
Cupid Trapan.


Durham Garland.
Dorsetshire Garland; or, The Beggar's Wedding.
Difficult Batchelor.
Distressed Shepherd: Or, Joy after Sorrow.



88 O L D   B A L L A D S  

Dying Lovers last Farewell.
Distracted Sailor.
Dutiful Daughter of Halifax.
Death and the Lady.
Doating Mother.
Dragon of Wantley.
Dying Tears of a true Lover forsaken.
Dead Man's Song.
Dutchess of Suffolk's Calamity.
Doleful Death of Queen Jane.
Drunkard's last Legacy.
Derbyshire Ballad.
Dorsetshire Garland.
Delightful Thomas.
Dame of Honour.
Distressed Lady.
Durham Tragedy.

Entire Lovers.

Faithless Captain: Or, The betrayed Virgin.
Four Indian Kings.
Friar well fitted.
Fox-Cace [sic]: Or, The Huntsman's Harmony.
Fair Rosamond's Overthrow.
Fair Rosamond and King Henry II.
Fair Maid of Dunsmore's Lamentation.



  O L D   B A L L A D S 89

Forlorn Lovers.
Frantick Lover: Or, The wandering Young Man.
Fair Margaret's Misfortunes.
French Convert.
Fisherman's Daughters Garland.
Fight at Malaga.
Flower of Servingmen.
Fair Maid of Islington.
Faithful Friendship.
Fortunate Lover: Or, The Old Man Out-witted.
Fun in an Alley: Or, The Footman Trapp'd.
Fun upon Fun: Or The Stark-naked Wedding.


Gosport Tragedy.
Gloucestershire Tragedy: Or, The Unnatural Mother.
Gloucestershire Tragedy: Or, The Lover's Downfall.
Gloucestershire Tragedy: Or, The Lover's Farewel to the World.
Gelding the Devil.
George Barnwell.
Gallant Seaman's Resolution.
Golden Bull: Or, The Garland of Loves's Craftiness.
Gilderoy: Or, The Scotch Lover's Lammentation.
Guy of Warwick.
Garland of Trials.
Goodhurst Garland.

  L Guernsey


90 O L D   B A L L A D S  

Guernsey Garland.
Gallant Lord and virtuous Lady.
Good Housewife.


Herefordshire Garland.
Honour of Bristol.
Hackney Lady.
Hunting the Hare on Banstead Downs.
Hunting of the Gods.
High-priz'd Pin-box.
Hasty Bridegroom.
Humorous Bites of the World.
Humours of Rag-Fair.


Jolly Roger: Or, His Method of chusing a fair and virtuous Wife:
Jolly Sportsman's Pastime: or, Sir Harry's Delight.
Jury of Matrons.
Johnny's earnest Request.
Johnny Armstrong.
Jolly Farmer's Garland.
Jovial Batchelor.
Jane Shore.
Isle of Wight.
John True and Susan Mead.
Jolly Crispin's Garland.
Jolly Sailor's Description of a Man of War.



  O L D   B A L L A D S 91
Intire Lovers.

Kentish Garland.
Kentish Tragedy.
King Henry II. and the Miller of Mansfield.
King William and the Forester.
King John and the Abbot of Canterbury.
King Edward IV. and the Tanner of Tamworth.
King Lear and his three Daughters.
King Richard the Third.
King Alfred and the Shepherd.
King and the Northern Man.


Lovers Lamentable Tragedy.
Lady Isabella's Tragedy.
Lady's Garland.
Loyal Lover's Garland.
Leeds Tragical Garland.
Lord Thomas and fair Eleanor.
Lady's Fall.
London 'Prentice.
Leather Bottle.
Lady fell in Love with her Serving-Man.
Low-Country Soldier turn'd Burgo-master,.[sic]
Little Musgrove and the Lady Barnet.
Love-sick Serving-Man.
Love without Measure.

  L  2 Love


92 O L D   B A L L A D S  

Love in a Barn.
Love in a Tub.
Loyal Lovers of Exeter.
Lord Henry and Fair Katherine.


Mirth after Sorrow.
Miraculous Farmer.
Merry Bromfield.
Merry Hay-Makers.
Monmouth worsted in the West.
Merry Wakefield.
Mitcham Widow.
Maid of the West sold her Maidenhead for a High-crown'd Hat[.]
Maudlin, the Merchant's Daughter of Bristol.
Merchant outwitted by the Chamber-maid.
Mournful Widow's Garland.
Miller's Advice to his Three Sons.
Mistaken Lady's Garland.
Mournful Lady's Garland.


Northamptonshire Tragedy.
Northern Lord.
Nobleman's Cruelty to his Son.
News from Hyde-Park.
Norfolk Wonder: Or, The Maiden's Trance.
Northern Ditty.



  O L D   B A L L A D S 93

Neptune's Raging Fury.
New Way to make Love.


Overthrow of proud Holofernes; and the Triumph of virtuous Queen Judith.
Old-Mans Wish.
Oxfordshire Tragedy: Or, The Virgin's Advice.
Oxfordshire Garland.


Prince of England's Courtship to the King of France's Daughter.
Plymouth Tragedy.
Poor Robin's Dream.
Politick Lover: Or, The young Gentleman outwiting his Sweetheart by Virtue of
           a Bottle of Sack.

Politick Lovers: Or, The Windsor Miser outwitted. Page's Wife of Plymouth.
Princely Diversion; Or, The Jovial Hunting match.
Presumptuous Sinner.
Politick Wife: Or, The Devil outwitted by a Woman.
Pretty Kate of Windsor.
Politick 'Squire: Or, The Highwayman [sic] catch'd in their own Play.
Prodigal Daughter.
Politick Maid of Suffolk.
Princely Lovers Garland.
Patient Grizel.



94 O L D   B A L L A D S  

Poor-man's Counsellor: Or, The married Man's Guide.
Palatine's Courtship.
Princely Pastime: Or, The Huntsmanís Pleasure.
Perjur'd Shepherd.
Pennyworth of Wit.
Pretty Green-coat Boy.
Pretty Sally's Garland.


Queen Elizabeth's Champion: Or, The Earl of Essex.
Queen Eleanor's Confession.
Quaker's Sermon.


Roman Charity.
Royal Dream: Or, The Forrester's Garland.
Roger's Delight.
Robinhood and the Ranger.
Ditto and Little John.
Ditto and Allen-a-dale.
Ditto and the Butcher.
Ditto and Will Stutely.
Rakish Husband's Garland.
Reading Garland.
Repentance too late.
Rich Man's Warning-Piece.



  O L D   B A L L A D S 95

Somersetshire Garland.
Strand Garland.
Somersetshire Tragedy.
Slighted Father and Unnatural Son.
Seaman of Dover.
Spinning-wheel's Glory.
Seven Champions.
Swimming Lady.
Shepherd Adonis.
Spanish Lady.
St. George and the King of AEgypt's Daughter.
Sweet William of Plymouth.
Suffolk Comedy.
Secret Lovers.
Suffolk Miracle.
St. George and the Dragon.
Sir Launcelot-du-Lake.
Staffordshire Maid.
Simple Simon.


Three Jolly Butchers and Ten Highwaymen.
Temple Wedding.
Turn-coat of the Times.
True Lover's Knot unty'd.
True Lovers Joy: Or, A Dialogue between a Seaman and his Love.



96 O L D   B A L L A D S  

Two Faithful Lovers.
Thomas Stukely.
Tom and Will: Or, The Shepherd's Sheepfold.
Tavern Kitchen Fray.
Time's Alteration.
True Love rewarded with Loyalty.
Tit for Tat.
Turkey Factor.


Unnatural Father: Or, The Dutiful Son's Reward.
Unhappy Lady of Hackney.
Unhappy Lover's Garland.


Virgin's Complaint.
Virtuous Milkmaid's Garland.
Virtuous Wife's Pattern.
Valiant Seaman's Happy Return.
Virtue and Beauty in Danger.


Woody Choristers: Or, The Birds Harmony.
Weaver's Garland.
Worcestershire Wedding.
Wiltshire Wedding.
Winchester Wedding.
William and Margaret.
Windsor Lady.
Wanton Wife of Bath.



  O L D   B A L L A D S 89 [sic] [97]

Wanton Virgins frighted.
Wandering Shepherdess.
Wandering Prince of Troy.
Wandering Jew: Or, The Shoemaker of Jerusalem.
William and Prudence's Overthrow.
William Grismond's Downfal.
Warning-piece to England against Pride and Wickedness.
Warwickshire Tragedy.
William and Susan.
Whittington and his Cat.
Welch Sermon.

Yarmouth Tragedy.

** There are near Three Thousand different Sorts of SLIPS; of which the new Sorts coming out almost daily render it impossible to make a Complete Catalogue.

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