... Ballads

  (90)[sic] [98]  




P  A  T  T  E  R  S;


MERRY Subjects.

G O D L Y, containing Sixteen Pages.

Call from Heaven to the Unconverted.
The Sufferings of the blessed Jesus.

3. The Good Man's Comfortable Companion.
4. Christ in the Clouds coming to Judgment.
5. Abraham Storer's Funeral Sermon.
6. Tract of the Sin against the Holy Ghost.
7. A New Catechism, between a Bishop and a Boy.
8. The Christians A.B.C. a Lesson for Sinners.
9. The Christian's Daily Walk with God.
10. The Saint's Duty and Exercise.

    G O D -


  P  A  T  T  E  R  S 91

GODLY, containing Twelve Pages.

n Historical Catechism.
A Ditto, second Part.

13. The Christian Monitor.
14. The Heathen's Conversion.
15. The Athiest [sic] Converted.

GODLY, containing Eight Pages.

ISTORY of the Holy Bible.
A Sermon against Prophane Swearing.

18. Early Piety.
19. Christian's Closet-Piece.
20. Christian's Diary: An Almanack for One Day.
21. A Warning from Heaven to vile Sinners upon Earth.
22. Rules and Maxims for the Conduct of Human Life.
23. The Heavenly Messenger.
24. Paradise Lost, and Paradise Regain'd.
25. Parent's best Gift; containing the Church Catechism.
26. A Letter to Little Children.
27. The Cries of a Wounded Conscience.

  M 2 28. Comfort


92 P  A  T  T  E  R  S  

28. Comfort to the Afflicted.
29. Guide for Sinners to Repent.
30. Brief Instructions for the pious Christian.
31. Joyful Sound of Free-Grace.
32. Satan's Decoy: Or, The Youth's Faith in Christ.
33. A Cordial of Comfort.
34. Joseph of Arimathea.
35. A Dialogue between John Williams and 'Squire Wright.
36. Doctor Whitefield's Pious Instructions.
37. Life of the Blessed Mary, Mother of Our Lord.
38. The Christian's Looking-Glass.
39. The Rich Man's Warning-Piece.
40. England's Timely Remembrancer.
41. Vanity and Vain Glory of Mortals.
42. A Journey from Time to Eternity.

TRAGICAL, containing Twelve pages.
43. THE Gloucestershire Tragedy.
TRAGICAL, containing Eight Pages.

44. Godís Judgement on cruel, wicked, and disobedient Children.

    45. Liverpool


  P  A  T  T  E  R  S 93

45. Liverpool Tragedy.
46. Nottingham Tragedy.
47. The poor unhappy transported Felons.
48. Portsmouth Ghost.
49. Bloody Tragedy.
50. Buckinghamshire Miracle.
51. Norfolk Tragedy.
52. Sawney Beane and his Family.
53. Unfortunate Knight.
54. The Loyal Martyrs: Or, Bloody Inquisitor.
55. The proud 'Squire Reformed.
56. Weeping Mother.
57. Great and wonderful News to all Christendom.
58. The cruel Massacre of the Protestants in North-America.
59. An Example for wicked Husbands.
60. The Sufferings of Mr. Heer van Effell.
61. The Yorkshire Tragedy.
62. The Unjust Man Rewarded.
63. Norfolk Wonder: Or, The Maiden's Trance.
64. Life of Moll Flanders.
65. Youth's Looking-Glass.
66. The Drunkard's Last Legacy.
67. Norwich Tragedy.
68. Plymouth Tragedy.
69. Undutiful Daughter: Or, Hampshire Wonder.
70. The Second Spira: Or, Blasphemers Reproved.
71. England's Warning-Piece.

    M E R R Y


94 P  A  T  T  E  R  S  
MERRY, containing Twelve Pages.

72. PLEASURES of a Single Life.
73. Rochester's Joaks.
74. Patridge [sic] and Flamstead's Fortune Book.
75. The true AEgyptian Fortune-Teller.

MERRY, containing Eight Pages.

76. HOCUS Pocus : Or, Legerdemain.
77. Welch Wedding.
78. Five strange Wonders of the World.
79. The English Lady's Catechism.
80. The Footman's Ditto.
81. A new Prophecy of a Prophet
82. A Dialogue between Hughson and Margery.
83. Nimble and Quick; Pick and Chuse where you will.
84. Wit and Ingenuity.
85. The Jealous Man convinced he is no Cuckold.
86. The Maiden's Prize; Or, Batchelor's Puzzle.
87. Whimsical Lady.
88. The New West-Country Garland.
89. Dialogue between a Shoemaker and his Wife.

    90. Grand


  P  A  T  T  E  R  S 95

90. Grand Solemnity of a Taylor's Funeral.
91. An Explanation of the Vices of the Age.
92. Honesty in Distress.
93. The Wandering Jews Chronicle.
94. A Quaker's Sermon.
95. Wit and Mirth to Perfection: Or, A Description of Sundays.
96. Kingly Garland.
97. Description of a Bawdy-House.
98. Tobias Donkin, the Quaker.
99. The Art and Mystery of Gossiping.
100. Shon-ap-Morgan.
101. A Funeral Sermon by Glangothan.
102. A Whetstone: or Spawn of Puzzles.
103. Reprobates Reward.
104. Dreadful News from Taunton-Dean.
105. Wandering Jew: Or, Shoemaker of Jerusalem.

Small BOOKS, containing Thirty-two Pages.

105. COCK Robin; a pretty gilded Toy
106. Tom Thumb's Play-Book.
107. The House that Jack built.

    COL -