... Pott Sheets

Perspective Views, &c.

     Printed on Half a Sheet of Demoy Paper,
        each Print about Ten Inches and a half wide,
        and Seven Inches deep.

General View of the City of London next the River Thames.

2. A view of the Royal Exchange.

3. A view of the Lord Mayorís Mansion-house.

4. A view of London-Bridge.

5. A North View of Westminster-Bridge.

6. A view of the Mall in St. Jamesís Park, &c.

7. A Front View of the Royal Palace at Kensington.

8. A view of the Royal Palace of Hampton-Court.

9. A View of the Royal Castle of Windsor.

10. A Front View of Greenwich Hospital.

11. A View of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea, and the Rotunda in Ranelagh Gardens.

12. A View of the Foundling Hospital.

Britannia Illustrata: Or, Views of the Royal Palaces several Noblemen and Gentlemens Seats, and other Publick Buildings of England, viz.

1. The Royal Palace of St. Jamesís.

  G 2. The


50 Perspective V I E W S, &c  

2. Royal Palace of Windsor Castle.

3. The Royal Palace of Hampton-Court.

5.[sic] The Royal Palace of Kensington.

6. Eddystone Light-House.

7. The New Building at Cambridge.

8. St. Georgeís Chapel at Windsor.

9. Merden College on Black-Heath.

10. Kingís College Chapel in Cambridge.

11. The Front of the Public Theatre in Oxford.

12. Great St. Maryís Church in Oxford.

Part the Second

1. Blenheim House.

2. Westwood, the Seat of Sir John Packington, Bart.

3. Althrop, the Seat of the Earl of Sunderland.

4. Wanstead, House, the Seat of Earl QUERY?inley.

5, Fair-Lawn, the Seat of Lord Barnard.

6. Stanstead, the Seat of the Earl of Scarborough.

7. Burleigh House, the Seat of the Earl of Exeter.

8. Hatfield House, the Seat of Lord Salisbury.

9. Long-Leate, the Seat of Lord Weymouth.

10. Sir Gregory Pageís House, on Black-Heath.

11. Hampstead-Marshall, the Seat of Lord Craven.

12. Chatsworth, the Seat of the Duke of Devonshire.

Views in London and Westminster.

1. A View of London and Westminster, from One-Tree-Hill, in Greenwich Park.80

2. The Tower, with the Bridge from the Thames

    3. Somerset [sic]


  Perspective V I E W S, &c 51

3. Ironmongerís Hall, in Fenchurch-Street.

4. The Monument, on Fish-Street-Hill.

5. St. Mary-Le-Bow, in Cheapside.

6. St. Brideís Church in Fleet-Street.

7. Somerset House and St. Maryís Church, in the Strand.

8. Covent-Garden.

9. Northumberland House.

10. St. Jamesís Park.

11. The Parade in St. Jamesís Park, with the Horse-Gurrds[sic], &c.

12. Westminster Abbey.

Ditto, Part the Second.

1. A North View of London.

2. West View of London, from Somerset Gardens, with the Bridge.

3. Somerset Garden, next the River.

4. North-West View of St. Paulís, London.

5. The Custom House, with Part of the Tower, taken from the River Thames.

6. Lincolnís-Inn Square and Garden.

7. Leicester Square.

8. St. Jamesís Square.

9. St. Jamesís Palace, in Pall-Mall.

10. Privy Garden and Banquetting House, at White-hall.

11. Grosvenor Square.



52 Perspective V I E W S, &c  

Prospects of the most remarkable Places in and about the City of London.

1. South View of London.

2. Royal Exchange in Cornhill.

3. The Inside of the Royal Exchange.

4. Guildhall, in King-Street, Cheapside.

5. Inside of Guildhall.

6. Inside of St. Paulís Cathedral.

7. Inside of the Choir of St. Paulís.

8. The Navy Office, in Crutched-Friars.

9. A View of the late Gates of the City of London.

12[sic]. The Admiralty Office, at Whitehall.

11. Inside View of Westminster-Hall.

12. The Kingís Gate at Whitehall, and the Entrance of Westminster-Hall.

Views of the most noted Public Buildings in France, Italy, Spain &c. viz.

1. The Title, shewing the magnificent Stables Versailles.

2. Towards the Gardens.

3. The Louvre.

4. The Palace of St. Germain.

5. The Grand Seignorís Seraglio at Constantinople.

6. The Stadt-house, at Amsterdam.

7. The Escurial, the King of Spainís Palace.

8. St. Markís Place at Venice.

9. The Ælian Bridge, and Castle of St. Angelo, at Rome

    10. The


  Perspective V I E W S, &c 53

10. The Castle of St. Angelo, at Rome, the Popeís Treasury.

11. The Rialto Bridge at Venice.

12. St. Peterís Church at Rome, to the West.

Part the Second.

1. St. Peterís Church at Rome, to the North.

2. The Palace and Park of Marley.

3. The Popeís Palace on Mount Cavallo, at Rome.

4. The Duke of Tuscanyís Palace at Leghorn.

5. The Palace of Marly.

6. The magnificent Church of St. Ambrose, at Milan.

7. The Palace of Luxemburgh.

8. The Capitol at Rome.

9. The Sorbonne, at Paris.

10. The Column of Trajan, at Rome.

11. The Column of Antonius, at Rome.

12. The Dauphinís Basin.

Twelve New Views in Venice, viz.

1. The Grand Canal from the Church Della Carita, to the Custom House.

2. The Entrance into the City at the Head of the Grand Canal.

3. St. Markís, and the Bucentaur, on Ascension-day, when the Doge goes to marry the Sea.

4. The Grand Canal from the Church of the Carmelites, and St. Simon, to the Fullerís Hill.

5. From St. Markís Pillar, to the Dalmatian Wharf.

6. The Grand Canal from the Palace Grimani to the Canal Regio.

    7. The


54 Perspective V I E W S, &c  

7. The Rialto Bridge to the East.

8. A Representation of the Gondola Race, also a View on the Grand Canal from the Palace of Baltori, to the Bridge Rialto.

9. From the Church Della Madona Della Salute, to the End of the Grand Canal.

10. The Great Place of St. Mark, from St. Jeminianís Church to St. Markís Church.

11. The Palace of Foscari on one Side, and Lini on the other, down to the Church of Della Carita.

12. The Grand Canal from the Palace of Carnaro to the Custom House.

Twelve New Views in Rome and Naples, viz.

1. A View in the City of Naples.

2. The Royal Palace at Naples.

3. Part of the Royal Gardens at Naples, towards the Sea.

4. The Piazza of St. John de Lateran of the Cardinalís College of the Holy Stairs in the City of Rome.

5. The Mole, and the New Castle at Naples:

6. The Piazza Navona, in Rome:

7. The Palace of Mont Alto, at Naples.

8. The Piazza Del Popolo, in Rome.

9. The Sea, from the Palace of the Vice-Roy, at Naples.

10. Campo Vaccino at Rome.

11. The Spanish Palace, at Naples.

12QUERY[.] The Salsatara Mountain near Naples.



  Perspective V I E W S, &c 55
Twelve New Views in and about Paris, viz.

1. The City of Paris, taken from an Eminence in the Village of Chaielot.

2. Paris, taken from the Middle of Pont-Neuf, towards Pont-Royal.

3. The Palace of Seaux, and the Kittle Flower Garden, a Seat of Duke Demaine, near Paris.

4. Paris, from the Church of Notre-Dame, to the Pont de la Tournelle.

5. A particular View of Paris.

6. Fountainbleau, taken from the Court of Fountains.

7. The Royal Palace of Versailles.

8. The Royal Palace of Thuilleries.

9. The Royal Palace of Triana, in the Park of Versailles.

10. The Palace of Marli, towards the Little Parterre.

11. The Bastile at Paris, St. Anthonyís Gate, and Part of the Suburbs.

12. The Town-House or Guildhall, in Paris:

Twelve Principal Views of his Britannick Majestyís
Palace, Gardens, &c. at Herenhausen, viz.

1. A Front of the Palace.

2. Front of the Grand Gallery towards the Garden.

3. An Inside View of the Grand Gallery.

4. The First Grand Cross-Walk, &c. after the Entrance into the Royal Garden.

5. The Grand Cascade

    6. The


56 Perspective V I E W S, &c  

7. [sic] The Amphitheatre, as it fronts the Natural Theatre.

8. The Theatre.

9. The Cascade behind the Theatre.

10. The Entry into the Grand Middle Walk.

10[sic]. The Walk which surrounds the Royal Gardens.

11. The Front of the Grotto towards the Royal Garden.

12. Two Summer Rooms, one towards the Grand Gallery, the other towards the Cascade.

Twelve New Views in Amsterdam, viz.

1. The Grand Canal through the Bloem Market, facing the Stadt-House.

2. The Wharf near the Old Admiralty Office.

3. The Tower at Weeping Corner.

4. The New Boat-Slucies in Amstel.

5. The Heere-Gracht, from Utricht-Street, towards Amstel.

6. The Summocnian Canal through the Ox Market, towards Binnen Amstel.

7. The Canal before the Church of the Augustines.

8. The Great Stone Sluice facing the Binnen Amstel.

9. Binnen Amstel, between the Blaavive and Halve-Maaus Bridges.

10. Mont-Albans Tower, built in 1544.

11. The Tower of Canon Regulars, by them called Regularium.

12. The Cilveniers Doelen, or Mall-Players-Hall, in Binnel Amstel.



  Perspective V I E W S, &c 57
Twelve New Views in Holland, viz.

1. Vechtuliet, the Seat of the Heer Counsellor Vanden Broek,

2. Wallestein, from the Dwelling-house to the Upper Summer-house.

3. Ouderhoek, the Seat of the Heer Anthony Van Hoek.

4. The Pavillion of Ouderhoek, with a View towards Nieuwerbuys.

5. The Seat of the Heer Theodore Boedenmaker.

6. The Villages of Leonen and Croonenburgh.

7. A View of Uredenoord.

8. Oudaan, the House of the Lord of Bonenge.

9. The City of Nimeguen.

10. Maarseveen, and the adjacent Country.

11. The City of Utrecht.

12. Ouderhoek, from the Fish-pond to the Little Hill.

Twelve New Sea-Pieces, viz.

1. A Calm.

2, Fresh Gale.

3. Morning, or Sun-rising.

4. Evening, or Sun-setting.

5. A strong Gale, or Squall.

6. Night, and a Ship on Fire.

7. Moon-light.

8. A Shipwreck.

9. A View of Sheerness.

    9. [sic] A


58 Perspective V I E W S, &c  

10. A Storm.

11. A General Engagement.

12. A View of Spithead.

Nine Views of Sea-Pieces, representing several Ships in Calms, brisk Gales,
Storms, &c. Engraved from the Designs of Thomas Baston.

Twelve Views of Villages. Noblemen and Gentlemens Seats and Bridges,    
situated on or near the River Thames, viz.

1. A West View of Richmond, in Surrey, taken from the Star and Garter, on the Hill.

2. The House of the Earl of Radnor, at Twickenham.

3. A View of the celebrated Mr. Popeís House, at Twickenham.

4. The Countess of Suffolkís House, near Twickenham.

5. A View of Dr. Battyís House, at Twickenham, taken from the opposite Shore of the River Thames.

6. Governor Pittís House, at Twickenham.

7. A View of Gravesend, in the County of Kent.

 8. A View of the River Thames, near Northfleet, &c.

  9. A View of the Custom-House of London.

10. A View of the Tower of London, and of the River Thames.

11. The Bridge of Walton upon Thames.

12. The New Bridge a-cross the Thames at Hampton-Court.



  Perspective V I E W S, &c 59

Twelve Views of Chinese Cities, Villages, Streets, Triumphal Arches, and Romantick Prospects;
Designíd from the Originals done in China, byMr. Heckel, and neatly engraved by J. Course,

1. A View of Sinkicien, in China, with the Grand Pagoda near it.

2. The Emperorís Summer Palace, near Kiang, in China, ornamented with artificial Rocks.

3. The Vice Royís Country-Seat, built over an artificial Cascade, with Pleasure Houses adjoining.

4. A Perspective View of the Imperial City of Pekin, with Part of the great Wall and Mountains that divide Tartary and China.

5. The pleasant River of Kiang, in China, where Summer Houses on each Side adorn the Rocks.

6. A View of the great City of Canton, in China.

7. A Chinese Triumphal Arch, esteemed the most elegant at Canton, in China.

8. The Summer-House of a Mandarin, with an artificial Causeway over a large Piece of Water.

9. The Manner in which Shops in China are distinguished by their Signs.

10. The fine River and pleasant Town of Josiwoe, in China, with a Rice-Plantation.

11. A Pleasure house on the Water, where Ladies of the Imperial Court in China amuse themselves with Fishing.

  G 2 12. The


60 Perspective V I E W S, &c  

12. The great and Navigable River of Sangiwonhab, in China, between prodigious Rocks. QUERY

Twelve Views of Vaux-Hall, Ranelegh, and other Publick Walks, &c. viz.

1. A General View of Vaux-Hall Gardens.

2. A View of the Grand Walk, taken from the Entrance.

3. A View of the Grand South-Walk, with the Triumphal Arches, Mr. Handelís Statue, &c.

4. A View of the Temple of Comus, &c.

5. A View of the Center Cross-Walk, &c.

6. A View of the Inside of the Rotunda in Ranelagh Gardens.

7. A View of the Rotunda and Gardens.

8. A View of theCanal, Chinese Buildings, Rotunda, &c.

9. A View of the Royal Palace and Gardens of Somerset, from the River.

10. A View of Grays-Inn Gardens.

11. A View of the Orchestra, the Grand Walks, &c. in Mary-le-bon Gardens.

12. A View of Lincolnís-Inn Gardens, from the Terras.

Twelve Views of the magnificent Gardens at Stow, the Seat of Earl Temple, viz.

1. A View of the Entrance between the Pavillions.

2. A View from the House to the Parterre.

3. A View from the Temple Wood Building.

4. A View of the Queenís Theatre from the Rotunda.

    5. The [sic]


  Perspective V I E W S, &c 61

5. A View in the Elysian Fields, from the Spring of Helicon.

6. A View over the Great Bason to the Entrance between the Pavillions.

7. A View of the House from the Equestian [sic] Statue in the Park.

8. A View from the Island Seat of the Lake of the Temple of Venus, and Hermitage.

9. A View to the Grotto of the Serpentine River, in the Alder-Grove.

10. A View from Nelsonís Seat.

11. A View from the Queenís Statue.

12. A View of the Grotto and two Shell Temples.

Seymourís Huntings and Horses, being Twelve Prints of Hare-Huntings, and of several of the most celebrated Hunters, and Running Horses, neatly Engraved from the Originals of Mr. James Seymour.

A set of Running Horses belonging to the Nobility and Gentry of England, after the Designs of Wooton and Tillemans, neatly Engraved on Twelve Prints.

A Set of Horses after the Designs of Seymour, neatly Engraved on Twelve Plates.


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