... Foolscap Sheets


P  O  T  T

S H E E T   P R I N T S

HE Queen’s Arms, by J. Smith. A Piece of Penmanship.

2. The Opera House: Or, the Italian Eunuch’s Glory.

3. A Coffee House at Paris.

4. Porto Bello.

5[.] Orpheus playing on his Harp.

6. The Boyne, a Ship of War.

7. The Royal Sovereign, ditto.

The four Seasons of the Year, on four Plates, viz.

8. Spring.

9. Summer.

10. Autumn.

11. Winter.

12. The Oratory.

Six Chinese Views, on six Plates, viz.

13. The fine River and pleasant Town of Joesiwoe, in China; with a Rice Plantation.

14. A Summer Palace near Kiang, in China; ornamented with artificial Rocks.

    15. The



P O T T   S H E E T S.


15. The Summer House of a Mandarin, in China.

16. The great navigable River of Sangwonhab, in China, between prodigious Rocks.

17. A Chinese Triumphal Arch, esteem’d the most elegant at Canton, in China.

18. The Viceroy’s Country Seat, Built over an artificial Cascade.

19. Saint Monday.

20. Poor Man loaded with Mischief.

21. A Shepherd and Shepherdess with their Flock.

22. The Midnight Magistrate: Or, The Humours of a Watch House.

23. The Auction Room: Or, Louis Le Petit turn’d Bankrupt.

24. The Sequel to the Auction Room.

25. The true British Ballance.

26. The Cock Lane Uproar.

27. The Brewer’s Charity to the Public.

28. The Devil turn’d Fisherman.

29. The North-East Prospect of the City of Norwich.

30[.] The Queen of Assyria taking a View of the River Euphrates.

31. The illustrious Aspasia disputing with the Philosophers and Fathers of Greece.

32. The Duke of Cumberland on Horseback.

33. The Queen of Hungary.

34. Admiral Vernon.

35. The Princess Dowager of Wales.

36. Our Saviour’s Letter.

  F 2 37. Henry


44 P O T T   S H E E T S.  

37. Henry Finch, Dean of York.

38. Mr. John Stanley, Organist of St. Andrew’s Holbourn.

Five Plates of Scotch Kings, viz.

39. Fergusius, 1st King of Scotland.

40. Fergusius, 2d ditto.

41. James, ditto.

42. Robert, ditto.

43. Malcolm, 3d ditto.

44. Good Housewife.

45. Bad Housewife.

46. Joe turn’d into a Cow, and Angus’s Eyes into the Train of Juno’s Peacock.

47. The Duke of Cumberland in Armour.

48. Christ crown’d with Thorns.

49. King Charles the 1st in Carisbrook Castle.

50. A New Medley.

51. The gigantic War.

52. Tantalus.

53. Amphion astride a Dolphin, and playing on a Harp.

54. The Sincere Quaker.

55. The First Quaker.

56. Actæon transformed into a Stag.

57. Our Saviour and the Virgin Mary.

58. Sir John Norris.

59. A Romish Priest.

    60. A


  P O T T   S H E E T S. 45

60. A ditto, with our Saviour in his Arms.

61. Maximillian Christopher Miller, a Giant, near eight Foot high.

62. The Scotch Bagpiper: Or, Enough for Nothing.

63. A Flower Pot.

64. The Duke of Ormond.

65. A Poem on Bethelem Hospital.

66. Queen Elizabeth’s Speech to her Army, encamped at Tilbury.

67. King Charles II.

68. Jason fighting for the Golden Fleece.

69. King Charles in the Royal Oak.

70. The King’s Coat of Arms.

71. The Holy Family.

72. The Great Tribunal.

73. Our Saviour on the Cross.

74. Ditto in another Manner.

75. Mary, Jesus, and John.

The twelve Months in the year, on twelve Plates, Represented by Ladies, viz.

76. January.

77. February.

78. March.

79. April.

80. May.

81. June.

82. July.

83. August.

    84 September


46 P O T T   S H E E T S.  

84. September.

85. October.

86. November.

87. December.

88. Admiral Boscawen.

89. The Taking of Louisburgh.

90. The Marquis of Granby.

91. Prince Ferdinand.

92. The Right Honourable William Pitt, Esq.

93. The Right Honourable Henry Bilson Legge, Esq.

94. Admiral Hawke.

95. General Wolfe.

96. The King of Prussia on Horseback.

97. Darby and Joan.

98. The Cobler and his Wife outwits a Taylor.

99. A Sermon on Malt.

100. The Mountebank or Quack Doctor.

101. Mars and Venus caught in Vulcan’s Ginn.

102. Bishop Burnett.

103. John Wesley.

104. George, Prince of Denmark.

105. Queen Ann.

106. Counsellor Lear.

107. King George III.

108. Queen Charlotte.



  P O T T   S H E E T S. 47

The Twelve Months, represented by Dwarf Men and Women, viz.

109. January, Mynneer Van Squab, the Dutch Burgomaster, and his Frow.

110. February, the great Princess Pollichinella and Seignor Heidigger.

111. March, Sir Crumpisicus Plant-Acre, and Dick Shrub, the Gardener.

112. Sir Pigmy Wind-Storm, and his Boy Curtail Span-High.

113. May, Seignora Cutsoni, and Sir Minnnm keep-Time.

114. June, Sir Parvus Kill Crane, Commander in Chief of the Pigmy Forces, and his Lady.

115. July, Lawyer Pinchback and Goodman Hoblecraft.

116. August, Beau Dapper, and the beautiful Lady Grixelda Poppet-Face.

117. September, Bob Wren the Bird-catcher, and Bet Squatt the Fruitress.

118. October, Sir Toby Toper and Madam Smirky, the Bar-keeper.

119. November, Justice Woodcock and Tom Conie his Clerk.

120. December, Sir Politic Firey-face and a Beesknee Coffee Boy.

The Life and Death of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in twenty-five Plates, viz.

121. The Annunciation of the blessed Virgin.

122. The Nativity of our Lord.

    123 The


48 P O T T   S H E E T S.  

123. The Presentation in the Temple

124. The Worship of the Kings.

125. Flight into Egypt.

126. The dispute with the Doctors.

127. The Baptism of Christ.

128. The Marriage in Cana.

129. The Blind received Sight.

130. The Palsy cured.

131. Peter walking on the Sea.

132. Lazarus raised.

133. The Woman of Samaria.

134. The Possess’d delivered.

135. Transfiguration.

136. Christ coming to Jerusalem.

137. Christ tempted by the Devil.

138. The Lord’s Supper.

139. Christ praying on the Mount.

140. Christ scourged.

141. The Crucifixion.

142. Resurrection.

142. Aparition to Mary Magdalen.

144. The Disciples going to Emaus.

145. The Ascenscion.

Twelve Landscapes after the Manner of Wyke
        designed by John Lens; very proper for
        Drawing or Painting.

All very neatly Colour’d in Water Colours, at
        2s. per Quire.
Varnish’d, at ditto.


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