Thomas Percy's 1754 Catalogue

This document is a type facsimile of A catalogue of maps, prints, copy-books, drawing-books, &c. histories, old ballads, Broad-Sheet and other Patters, Garlands, &c. Printed and Sold by William and Cluer Dicey, at their Warehouse, Opposite the South Door of Bow-Church in Bow-Church-Yard, London [1754] (ESTC T188172), prepared by David Stoker.

The type has been transcribed and arranged so as to preserve the pagination and appearance of the unique copy in the Bodleian Library (shelfmark 258 c.109) However, the long 's' which is used in the original has not been retained so as to allow for searches of text by a computer. The copy in the Bodleian has two page sequences [1]-30, and 25-56, and contains some material which must postdate 1761 and so may be a conflation of two different Dicey catalogues. It is also incomplete and lacks all material after page 56. The copy has also been interleaved, and The Catalogue of Old Ballads (2nd sequence pages 45-56) contains manuscript additions and annotations by Thomas Percy. These have been retained and are printed in red.

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