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New PICTURES, extremely well Printed

from off W O O D E N P R I N T S,

Finely Cut from the best French, Dutch, and

English Copies.

Each on a Sheet of Fine Royal Paper.

With VERSES applicable to each PRINT.

DAM and Eve discoursing with the Angel Raphael in Paradise.

2. The Serpentís Temptation: Or, The Fall of Adam and Eve in Paradise.

3. Adam and Eve drove out of Paradise.

4. Abraham Entertaining the Two Angels.

5. Ditto, in another Manner.

6. Abraham offering up his Son Isaac.

7. Jacobís Ladder.

    8. King


  W O O D   R O Y A L S 63

8. King David and the Prophers [sic] in One Sheet, with an Historical Account thereof.

9. Ditto, with the Prophet Nathan, with Verses applicable.

10. Jacob with his Twelve Sons, in One Sheet, with a large Historical Account.

11. Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

12. Joseph and his Brethren, in One Sheet, Historically described.

13. Balaam and his Ass.

14. King Ahasuerus and Queen Esther.

15. Susannah and the Two Elders.

16. The Ten Commandments, with Historical Pictures adapted thereto.

17[.] The Ten Commandments, with Moses and Aaron at full length.

18. History of the Old and New Testament, a curious Sheet.

19. The Wise Menís Offering to Christ, &c.

20. Grand Festival, or Marriage of Christ with the Holy Church, a pure Virgin.

21. The Conversion of St. Paul.

22. Lordís Supper, neatly done.

23. Christ crowníd with Thorns.

24. Christ Crucifyíd.

25. Christ taken down from the Cross.

26. Christís Resurrection from the Grave.

27. Christ appearing to the Women in the Garden.

28. Christís Ascension.

    29. Holy


64 W O O D   R O Y A L S  

29. Holy Family, &c.

30. Dives and Lazarus.

31. Ten Wise and Foolish Virgins.

32. Great and awful Tribunal, with the several Texts of Scripture referring thereto.

33. Christianís Coat of Arms, explained by curious Figures and Verses.

34. St. Laurence broiling on a Gridiron, by Command of a cruel Tyrant.

35. Acts and Monuments, or the Lives of the Holy Men which wrote the Scriptures.

36. Bloody Sentence of the Jews against Jesus Christ.

37. The Sum and Substance of the Christian Religion by Sir Matthew Hale, Lord Chief Justice of England.

38. St. Paulís Cathedral.

39. The Looking Glass which flatters not, adorned with suitable Figures and Verses.

40. The Stage of Manís Life, explaining the several Ages.

41 Four Capital Ships of the Royal Navy.

42. Four ditto.

43. The Christianís Dial, or a cheap Watch for a Poor Man. with a fine Description of all the Hours of the Day.

44. The Second Christian Dial, &c.

45. The Misery and Confusion of wretched Men at the Hour of Death.

46. Spiritual Combat, or War with the Devil.

    47. Labouring


  W O O D   R O Y A L S 65

47. Labouring Manís Happiness, or the Misery in this and the next World of the slothful and idle Man, with suitable Verses on each.

48. The Broad and Narrow Way to Heaven and Hell, or St. Bernardís Vision, with descriptionary Verses.

49. Death and the Lady, with a Dialogue between them.

50. The Duty of a Servant explained, &c.

51. A Sheet of four Birds.


52. OUR Saviourís Head, one Sheet.

53. Four Apostles, in one Sheet.

54. Four Apostles, ditto.

55. Four Apostles, ditto.

History of the Prodigal Son, in four Sheets.

56. He takes Leave of his father.

57. He is spending his Substance with Harlots.

58. He is reduced to great Wants, and eats Husks with the Swine.

59. He returns to his Father.

The Seven Wonders of the World, in Seven Sheets.

60. The Walls of Babylon.

61. The Pyramids of Egypt.

62. The Olympus.

63. The Tomb of Mausoleus.

  H 64. The


66 W O O D   R O Y A L S  

64. The Temple of Diana.

55[sic]. The Colossus of Rhodes.

66. The Tower of Pharos.

An Historical Description of the Four Parts of the World, One in a Sheet

67. Europe.

68. Asia.

69. Africa.

70. America.

The Five Senses, One in a Sheet.

71. Seeing, with Verses applicable thereto.

72. Hearing, ditto.

73,[sic] Smelling, ditto.

74. Tasting, ditto.

75. Feeling, ditto.

The Twelve Roman Emperors, in Three Sheets.

76. Four Heads in One Sheet.

77. Four ditto in ditto.

78. Four ditto in ditto.

The Four Parts of the Day in four Sheet[s], with suitable
Pictures and Verses to each.

79. Morning.

80. Noon.

81. Afternoon,

82. Night.



  W O O D   R O Y A L S 67
The Hunting of the Hare, described in Four different
Sheets with suitable Verses, shewing

83. Going-out in the Morning.

84. The Hounds in full Chace.

85. The Hounds at Fault.

86. The Recovery, View, and Death of the Hare.


Mixed FANCIES, with Historical and other diverting
Description to others.

87. KING Charles the First, his Marriage.

88. His Twelve good Rules, worthy Observation.

89. King Charles summoning the Governor of Hull.

90. The Battle of Naseby, in Northamptonshire.

91. He is taken Prisoner at Holmby-House, in Northamptonshire, by Cornet Joyce.

92. At Prayers in Carisbrook-Castle, in the Isle of Wight, when Prisoner there.

93. Majesty in Misery: Or, An Imploration to the King of Kings. Written by King Charles the First.

94. His Trial, &c. With an Account thereof.

95. He is beheaded before his Palace at Whitehall, with an Historical Account thereof: and by whom he was attended at the Place of Execution.

96. Englandís Black Tribunal; with the Portraits of those Gentlemen who suffered for his Sake.

  H 2 97. King


68 W O O D   R O Y A L S  

97. King Charles the First in his usual Dress; and King Charles the Second in the Oak; both in One Sheet.

98. King Charles the Second in the Oak, when pursued, and 10000l. offered for him alive or dead.

99. King Charles and Queen Ann compared; in One Sheet, with Verses on each.

100. The Seven Supporters of the Protestant Religion; being the Effigies of Edward VI, Queen Elizabeth, James I, Charles I, Charles II, William and Mary, and Queen Anne, in One Sheet; with Queen Anneís first Speech to the Parliament of Great Britain after the Union; together with her Character, given her by the Dutchess Dowager of Marlborough.

101. Queen Anne in an Oval.

102. Ditto, in her Robes, &c.

103. Ditto, her Statue in St. Paulís Church Yard.

104. Ditto, on her Death Bed, &c.

105. Ditto her Monument.

106. King Charles I. in an Oval

107. Prince George of Denmark, Consort to Queen Ann

108. The Royal Union, between Queen Elizabeth, Mary, and Anne; in One Sheet, with Verse suitable.

109. King Georgeís Coronation.

110. King George on his Throne of State.

111. Ditto, triumphant over his Enemies.

112. Ditto, in Royal Robes, at full Length.

    113. Queen


  W O O D   R O Y A L S 69

113. Queen Caroline.

114. The Princess of Wales, and her Children.

115. Queen Carolineís Death and Monument; with a Description of her Interment[sic].

116. The Royal Family of England.

217[sic]. King George the Second in an open Chaise.

118. Ditto, with Prince Frederick, both on Horseback.

119. The Prince and Princess of Orange.

120. Their Marriage, &c.

121. Seven Wonders of the World, on one Sheet.

122. Darby and Joan.

123. Twelve Roman Emperors, with an Account of their Lives.

124. Twelve Roman Empresses, their Wives, ditto.

125. The Effigies of all the Kings and Queens of England; from William the Conqueror, to the present Time.

126. Four Capital Ships of the Royal Navy.

127. An Emblem of the Pope, and Pride of the Church of Rome.

128. Sailorís Farewel and Return.

129. Six Capital Ships of the Royal Navy.

130. The World turníd Upside-down.

131. King George I in his Royal Robes.

132. The Tripple Plea, &c.

133. The Family of Dapper-Wits, First Part.

134. Ditto, Second Part.

135. Ditto, Third Part.



70 W O O D   R O Y A L S  

136. The Famous Lilliputian Dancers.

137. Ditto, their Ball and Masquerade.

138. Ditto, their Banquet and Concert.

139. The Lawyers Coat of Arms, &c. Or, a Looking-Glass to all hasty, unthinking, and Purse- proud People; fit to be seen by all Degrees and Stations of People.

140. Mimick Masqueraders: Or, the Fashion of the Town at Midnight.

141. The Old Womanís Comfort: Or, the Way to become young again[.]

142. The Gamesters: Or, the Folly of Gaming; fit to be observed by all People.

143. The Jiltís Policy, &c.

144, Happy Marriage in one Sheet.

145. Unhappy Marriage, in one Sheet.

146. Ditto, both in one Sheet, with proper Verses.

147. The Several Cries of London, with Verses.

148. Bacchanalian Club: Or, modern Midnight Conversation.

149. The Prodigal Son sifted; being a good Example for every young Rake.

150. The Victory Man of War, fuíl rigged.

151. The Countrymanís Looking-Glass: Or a Representation of the twelve Months of the Year; with Instructions for every Month; in one Sheet.

152. A Quakers Meeting.

153. Moll Flanders.

    154. The


  W O O D   R O Y A L S 71

154. The Dunkirk Man of War, full riggíd.

155. Drunkardís Coat of Arms, with suitable Verses.

156. Women-Menders: or the only Way to cure a scolding Wife.

157. A Lesson for Youth: Or the setting of Old Heads upon young Shoulders.

158. The Kiss Accepted and Returned; with the Dialogues between the Squire and Colin.

159. A Country Wake, described in their innocent Pastime.

160. The Fat and Lean Kitchen, in one Sheet, with Verses merry and Comical.

161. The good Housewife, with suitable Lessons.

162. The bad Housewife.

163. We are Seven.

164. Prospect of a High Wind and a Calm.

165. Foolís Paradise, &c.

166. None pleaseth: Or, the Frailty of Human Nature.

167: Jephthaís Rash Vow executed.

168. The Duke of Cumberland in his Regimentals.

169. The Amorous Captain.

170. The Tree of Fortune.

171. Life and Death of King Richard the IIId.

172. Coventry made Free by Lady Godina.

173. Cain Slaying his Brother Abel.

174. Queen Elizabeth.

175- Covetous Wife, and Sharping Gallant.



72 W O O D   R O Y A L S  

179.[sic] Catís Castle, besieged and stormed by the Rats.

177. Admirals Boscawen and How.

178. King Charlesís Escape from Hampton-Court.

179. King Charles taking Leave of his Children.

180. The Black Analysis.

181. A Song to creating Wisdom; by Dr. Watts.

182. The Paradise of Love: Or, the Comforts of Matrimony.

183. The true Picture of Mortality, represented in four select Emblems, in one Sheet.

184. King Henry the Eighth and Anne Bullen.

185. The Elements of Earth and Air, on one Sheet.

186. Ditto Fire and Water ditto.

187. The Revolt of the Fleet.

188. Infancy and Youth, on one Sheet.

189. Manhood and Old Age, ditto.

190. Judas betraying Christ with a Kiss.

191. The Heroic Bounty of Ptolemy Philadelphus.

192. The kind Meeting of Esau and Jacob.

193. The Harlotís Progress, in six different Stages of her Life.

194. Roman Charity: Or, A worthy Example of a virtuous Wife.

195. The curious Spy: Or, a New-Years-gift for jolly Lads and handsome Lasses. Part the first.

196. Ditto, part the second.

    197. King


  W O O D   R O Y A L S 73

197. King Charlesís Declaration to his Gentry and Army.

198. The Mock-Doctor: Or, Pills to purge Melancholy.

199. The Gallant out-witted.

200. The Women fighting for the Breeches.

201. Shon-ap-Morgan, ShenltlemanQUERY of Wales, on a Goat.

202. His Wife and Son, ditto.

203. The Hymenial Offering.

204. A divine Poem on Faith, by Dod.

205. Jobson and Nell: Or, The Wives Metamorphosed.

206.The Battle of Zorndorff.

207. The learned English Dog. The London Monkies. Sir Richard Whittingtonís Cat; and

the Portraiture of a Parrot; on a Sheet.

208. The Blind leading the Blind.

209.The Duke of Cumberland on Horseback.

210. The Queen of Hungary.

211. William the Conqueror.

212. Jesus disputing with the Doctors in the Temple.

213. Four of the most beautiful Running-Horses in England, in one Sheet.

214. Christ on the Cross between two Thieves.

215. Charles the Twelfth, King of Sweden.

216. The Christianís spiritual Cabinet.

217. King of Prussia on Horseback.

218. The true Picture of Pride and Lust.

  I 219. Adam


74 W O O D   R O Y A L S  

219. Adam and Eve drove out of Paradise. The Ten Commandments, Rebellious Absalom; and The proud Queen Vashtiís Disgrace; on one Sheet.

220. Acts of Charity. The First Part.

221. Ditto. The Second Part.

222. Abraham offering up Isaac; Jacobís Ladder; Balaamís Ass; and Solomonís Judgment; on one Sheet.

223. Josephís Flight, Christ and the Samaritan Woman, Crucifixion, and Ascension, on one Sheet.

224. The four Parts of the World, on one Sheet.

225. The four Seasons of the Year, on one Sheet.

226. King George the Second, the Duke of Cumberland, the Duke of Marlborough, and the Earl of Peterborough, in one Sheet.

227. Jacob wrestling with an Angel, Joseph in the Pit, the Brazen Serpent, and Delilah betrays Sampson, on one Sheet.

228. Lord Lovat, Bright, the Tall Man, and Hannah Snell, on one Sheet.

229. Our Saviourís Head, Christ giving the Keys to Peter, Christís Tenderness to little Children, and the Parable of Dives and Lazarus, on one Sheet.

230. Miss Jenny Cameron, Miss Flora Mackdonald, Earl of Kilmarnock, and Lord Belmarino, on one Sheet.

231. Queen Anne, Prince George of Denmark, Duke of Ormond, and Archbishop Laud, on one Sheet.

    232. The


  W O O D   R O Y A L S 75

232. The Senses, on one Sheet.

233. Ditto, in another Manner.

234. Wise and foolish Virgins, King George the Second, Hearing, and the Stages of Life, on one Sheet.

235. Grand Festival, Emblem of Antichrist, Happy Marriage, and the Unhappy Marriage, on one Sheet.

236. Adam and Eve drove out of Paradise, Moses in the Bulrushes, Job on the Dunghill, and Queen Anne, on one Sheet.

237.The four Seasons of the Year, in one Sheet.

238. The four Times of the Day in one Sheet.

239. Ditto, in another Manner, ditto.

240. The Miser and Usurer.

241. Destruction of Sodom, Abrahamís Servant, Moses found, and the Wife and Foolish Virgins, on one Sheet.

242. The New King of the Jews, with a Naturalized Jew in his Robes, &c. on one Sheet.

243. George Prince of Wales, William Anne Van Keppel, King of Poland, Kara Mustaphar Grand Vizir of the Turks, on one Sheet.

244. Cartoons of Raphael Urbin, Christ, giving the Keys to Peter, Miraculous Draught of Fishes, Peter and John restore a lame Man to his Feet, and Elymas the Sorcerer struck Blind.


I 2
245. Paul


76 W O O D   R O Y A L S  

245. Paul and Barnabas reputed as Gods, Paul preaching at Athens, Eutychus raised to Life by St. Paul, and The Triumph of Death.

246. The Description of a Coquet.

247. A lively Representation of a Prude.

248. The Highland Laddie, and Jennyís Love to Jockey.

249. Harvest-home, and the Rapture.

250. Bright, the Fat Man of Essex.

251. Tythe-Pig, and Provision for the Convent.

252. The Old Batchelors and Maids Assembly.

253. King Charles the First on Horseback.

254. The Gamon of Bacon, at Dunmow-Parvo, in Essex.

255. Westminster Bridge.

256. Edward Duke of York.

257. The Flight of Joseph and Mary into Egypt.

258. Taking the Havannah.

259. Poor Man laden with Mischief.

260. The Force and Power of Nature.

261. The Acts of Sampson, Judge of Israel: Part the First.

262. Ditto. Part the Second.

263. Ditto. Part the Third.

264. The Tree of Fortune.

265. A Louse and a Flea on one Sheet.

    266. The


  W O O D   R O Y A L S 77

266. The Transactions of King Charles. Part the First.

267. Ditto. Part the Second.

268. Ditto. Part the Third.

269. Grey-Barb, a fine Turkey Horse.

270. The Invincible and Gloria Men of War.

271. A lively Representation of a Skimmington Riding.

272. A Description of a Sea-Fight in the Mediterranean.

273. Sarah Malcome, Capt. James Lowry, John Swan[,] Elizabeth Jefferies, and Miss Mary Blandy, on one Sheet.

274. The Danger of yielding to Temptations: Or, the Power of Beauty.

275. Elizabeth Canning, Virtue Hall, the Gipsy conversing with the Inspector-General of Great-Britain, and her Flight to Abbotsbury, on one Sheet.

276. Apology for the Ladies, &c. 4to.

277. Blind Manís Buff.

278. Battledore and Shuttlecock.

279. Leap Frog.

280. The Loverís Retreat, &c. 4to.

281. Royal George.

282. The Monarch.

283. Queen Caroline, &c. 4to.

284. Hallis Peter, &c. 4to.

    285. Dutchess


78 W O O D   R O Y A L S  

285. Duchess of Hamilton, &c.

286. Alcide and Lys, two Ships.

287. Fanny Murray, &c.

288. St. Paul preaching at Athens.

289. Miraculous Draught of Fishes.

290. Greenland Whale Fishery.

291. Family Index to the Bible.

292. Lewis Mandrin.

293. Bampfield Moore Carew.

The Twelve Months on Six Sheets, viz

294. January and February.

295. March and April.

296. May and June.

297. July and August.

298. September and October.

299. November and December.

300. Assembly of the Gods.

301. A Farm-house on Fire.

302. Careful Father and Extravagant Son, &c. 4to.

303. The judicious Lover, &c.

304. Amorous Strephonís Suit to his Coy Kate &c. 4to.

305. General Blakeney.

306. King William the Third.

307. Ditto in Quarto, &c.

    308. George


  W O O D   R O Y A L S 79

308. George the IIId. And the Duke of York.

309. Procession of the Coronation of George the IIId.

310. King George the IIId. Profile.

311. Queen Charlotte, ditto.

312. English Conduct and Bravery Displayíd.

313. Royal Sportsman.

314. Prince Ferdinand on Horseback.

315. The Intripide.

316. Remarkable Sea-Fight.

317. New Royal Family.

318. A Sheet of large Stars.

319. Ditto small ones.

320. King George IIId on Horseback.

321. A Sheet of Nine Birds.

322. A Sheet of Eight ditto.

323. H [sic] Sheet of Six ditto.

324. A Sheet of Nine Flower-Pots.

325. King George the Thirdís New State-Coach.

326. William Pitt, and Henry Bilson Legge Esqs.

327. Prince Ferdinand and the Marquis of Granby.

328. King George IIId and Queen Charlotte, on one Sheet.

329. The Kingís Arms.

330. The Landlordís kind Caution to his Customers.

331. Elijah fed by Ravens.

    332. Job


80 W O O D   R O Y A L S  

332. Job and his three Friends.

336[sic]. The Last Supper, and Christ scourged; on one Sheet.

333. Christ on the Cross; ditto taken down, on one Sheet.


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